Though we do have countless animals on our farm, our primary focus is on the genetic well-being and preservation of the brilliant Barbados Blackbelly sheep that our farm is so blessed to have.


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Welcome to St. Isidore Farm! I suppose if you're reading this you may want to know a little bit about us not just our animals. The farm is primarily a father/ son run farm, though everyone in the family pitches in when it is needed! We are the Graf family and we have been bitten by the hobby farm bug! Our farm rests on several acres in the quiet rural town of Manchester, TN. Here we pride ourselves on raising some of the highest quality commercial beef cattle, and our latest endeavor lamb. We have been modern day homesteaders for seemingly ages, but have just recently taken on rare breed livestock conservation as our goal. We are an ever evolving farm and home which means we are constantly bringing new ideas into focus and experimenting with different agrarian methods. We hope to slowly expand the farm into not only a modern day model of self-sufficiency, but a farm dedicated to the preservation of our agrarian lifestyle. Feel free to join us on our journey! Stop by our homesteading page and check out our current projects and of course feel free to contact us anytime with questions or even ideas! We are a self-taught and a self-learning farm and we love teaching others what we have learned and love when others teach us what they have learned!

The view over one of our heifer and weaning pastures.




St. Isidore Farms aims not only to produce the highest quality in grass fed lamb, but to do so while preserving and improving the genetics of the true Blackbelly Barbados Sheep breed as a whole. We also aim to promote this breed, as well as other heritage  breeds, to improve quality and ensure the brilliant genetic diversity of these breeds is not forever lost.