Farm Fresh Meat

The future of St. Isidore Farms lies within our high quality food. We know that. Every time we sit down for dinner it reaffirms this. We raise our animals with great care and love, and this care is reflected in every meal we eat from our farm. It is our sincere hope to extend that quality beyond our home kitchen and into the homes of others in the very near future. As of right now, St. Isidore Farms does not have the means to market our meat products directly, but we will keep you posted! A far off dream may become reality very soon! 

Food brings people together, and that is why it is so very important for us to produce the very best food possible. The better the food, the better the conversation,  the better the relationships! We look forward to the day St. Isidore Farms can say with pride that we are the center piece of your table, but for now we will gladly work with our customers to provide them the skill sets to go from farm to table at home, or provide advice on quality processing facilities. 

Poultry & Eggs

While poultry is not one of our primary focuses on the farm, we do have a beautiful flock of French Marans that is comprised of the Blue Copper, Black, and Splash variations. This is a stunning dual purpose heritage breed that provides us with lovely dark chocolate eggs. While we are by no means a hatchery, we love this breed and we have the means to provide small custom order batches of chicks or hatching eggs to local interests. If this is something you would like to consider, feel free to e-mail us!

We also have a small flock of high quality mixed variation Coturnix quail that is perfect for homesteading enthusiasts that we are willing to hatch small batches of, or sell hatching eggs on a semi local basis.  

In terms of eggs, we typically do not sell farm fresh eggs as our poultry function primarily to fulfill our personal household needs. With that said, our eggs are rich and delicious so feel free to contact us if you're interested, and we will do our best to accommodate!  

We dare say we can be quite helpful! Give us a quick E-mail with any questions! 

Sheep & More Sheep!

We consider all of our stock to be for sale at all times. With that being said, our peak lambing period for our Barbados Blackbellies is in the Fall with an influx of weaned lambs available at the first of the year. We occasionally offer starter flocks and work in conjunction with other breeders to ensure the preservation of this breed of sheep. 

We also raise a commercial flock of Katahdin sheep with Barbados rams acting as  terminal sires to create hybrid vigor and encourage the mild flavor of the lamb. These lambs are usually available at the start of spring and make excellent additions to commercial flocks!